Databanks give you more control

What drives Agingo?

We want to empower people and businesses to easily communicate with each other.

Why Open a Data Bank Account?

Agingo is a software company that develops blockchain based platforms and applications. Operating as a databank is one of the core functions of the Agingo platform, particularly in the application of its NOOB blockchain platform. Deposit your data and securely transfer it to any website you trust. As websites pay for your data watch your trustworthiness score grow and earn rewards as websites interact with you online.

We believe that business relationships should be protected until a person chooses to have a relationship with another company. Today, there are many places online that collect and sell your information but its time that changes. We want to put the power of the Internet i the hands of people by giving them all the control of what they see and share online. By doing this we help companies connect directly with new and existing customers in a way that is more personalized to the individual. More importantly we will help companies solve their emerging privacy challenges while increasing profitability through an exclusive path to the customer.

What Drives Us?

We see a future where every business has an opportunity to engage with their customers no matter how much money they spend on marketing. We believe that the Internet should be governed by the trust an individual has with a brand. Our goal is to put FOCUS & TRUST at the center of every interaction and make trust the key to how you rank in a persons' view of the Internet.

People should have a choice and that choice should have some influence over how websites are ranked for everyone else. We feel that all companies should have equal access to the customer no matter how small their marketing budget is or how much time they have to reach out. We believe that specialized and focused companies should be rewarded with rankings for being experts in how they serve customers.

What Drives Us?
Social Good

Social Good

We believe in digital equality. No matter how small or large your business is, we believe there should be fair access to customers. We believe that your customers should not be lured away by advertising, simply because you don't have the marketing budget for an ongoing campaign. We want to help businesses succeed by getting customers back to their most trusted in a way that does not interfere with business competition.

We love to see innovation happen. We want to inspire creativity and innovation. So the second part of our social mission is to help people find their focus and connect them with the most trusted content providers focused on the same thing they are. We believe that from the youngest age to the oldest that a person should be able to choose where they want to go.