Ready to decentralize your apps?

NOOB is 

Decentralize and distribute data!

Control Your Information

NOOB provides you with a platform that reduces the complexity of managing technology while distributing the risk of managing data. Agingo's blockchain platform will let you build decentralized Web 3.0 applications where your customers manage and control their own data.


How It Works

What is NOOB?

NOOB is a fully decentralized and distributed blockchain platform that scales without requiring an economic incentive. NOOB runs on low powered devices and gets faster as more cell phones and other devices join the network.

Self Sovereign Identities

Self Sovereign Accounts

Multiple Transaction Types

Multiple Distributed Ledgers

Multiple Issuances of Tokens

You Earn Trust

Our Data Engn

NOOB can be implemented as a data engine that protects data and as an economic engine to tokenize any asset. Both enable businesses to create innovative products that secure and monetizes data while providing all stakeholders with an efficient way to control their privacy. We are most excited about the Data Engn version of NOOB because it gives you a way to efficiently share your data and earn money from innovative Data Products you choose to trust.

Our unique privacy preserving technology eliminates the need to keep journal history to transfer data between accounts. This enables you to increase your data protection and offers businesses with a simplier way to comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) laws.

We are licensing our platform to businesses now and deploying the public platform in 2021. Our goal is to provide every business with a new way to build apps on the Internet with Web 3.0 and beyond in mind.