Trust FirstTM

The Easiest and Safest Way to Directly Connect Customers and Brands

Why Agingo?

Leveraging Blockchain technology, Agingo is pioneering a new way to explore the digital universe by putting TRUST and PRIVACY at the forefront of everything we do. With Agingo, users have access to an entirely new set of tools and services that are designed to help them take control of their experience and your data, while building direct relationships with brands they trust.

Privacy Centric Navigation

Agingo is reimagining the way we explore online with privacy and security at the core. Our inherently private browser and customizable guide let’s users get back to their favorite places faster and safer, without any unwanted tracking or noise from advertisers.

Trusted Search & Discovery

Our discovery platform & patent pending search tech lets users find and trust the places and companies they love. Trusted sites are organized in their navigation portal for quick access, and are always at the top of their search results if they have what you’re looking for. The idea is put the sites you trust, first! No one else gets in.

Distributed, Secure Data Vault

Our decentralized data vault makes is easy and safe for users to store and share information and preferences with the brands they trust. Whether they’re shopping, learning or doing anything else, we streamline the data sharing process to make it easier and quicker to get what your looking for.