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Gets you where you want to go safer and faster


Agingo organizes the Internet so you can get back to websites without searching.


Agingo is a community that helps you find the most trusted websites.


With your help, Agingo organizes all the domain names by their focus.

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Below are a few of the most trusted sites in our community


Using Agingo, we help each other discover the most trusted websites on the Internet using our domain store. We organize and rank the websites and you trust them to influence how all websites get ranked. It's that simple. With Agingo, companies can't hack SEO or pay to be at the top of the search results, that's 100% controlled by you. Agingo is personalized, visual, and gives you control of what you see. Domain names are ranked in our domain store using our patent pending ranking technology that requires providers of content to choose their focus and trustworthiness. By requiring this and giving you control over who you trust, it creates a cleaner and easier way to navigate the Internet. If join our community, we also let you tell the system what you're focused on and the domain store is tailored to where you want to spend your time automatically. With Agingo, you will be given the power to control the order of your Internet search results and because of this you will have some influence on what you and everyone else sees. While this sounds pretty cool, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our mission, if you choose to join us, is to create the most distraction free and fair way to experience the Internet with no unwanted third party tracking or advertising.

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