Create your own personalized search engine with no unwanted tracking or advertising.

By joining the Agingo community you will help organize and discover the best websites. As you trust websites they'll trust you back to create a transparent trustworthiness score for websites that everyone can trust. Try it now.

One way to control who gets access to you and your data based on trust

Agingo gives you one place to control you privacy settings and how much personal information is shared with companies. The more you trust a company, the more access they get to you and your data.


What is Agingo?

What is Agingo?

Agingo wants to help you get back to the places you love without having to search the entire Internet. You'll easily get back to the banking, health, education, and other important websites you need over and over again without getting track or advertised to by third parties you don't trust. By trusting websites we'll also help you personalize how those sites interact with you.

No Unwanted Advertising or Tracking

We do not track the web links you visit and there is no unwanted advertisements distraction you from your search.

Add Websites You Trust

We make it easy to create your own personalized view of the Internet. Who you trust determines what you see and share.

Browse Agingo-Approved Websites

We help you discover the best websites by organizing all websites based on what they're trusted for the most.

Personalize Your Online Experience

We give you one way to share your privacy settings and personal data with companies you trust.

Join a Community of Trust

With Agingo you will become part of a powerful community that rewards trusted websites with better search rankings.

What is Agingo?
You Earn Trust

Blockchain Licensing and How We Help You Earn Trust

Today we live in a world where ranking algorithms are centrally controlled. We now know that centralizing the control of ranking algorithms increases the likelihood for bias and search manipulation, making it easier for our information to be manipulated. To combat search bias we created a unique patent pending method of ranking sources of information by their focus and trust. The more specialized and trusted you are the higher you rank. We knew the best way to hack our ranking algorithm was to simply create thousands of accounts and trust a website. So to ensure our ranking algorithm could not be easily manipulated we needed to know how trustworthy you are and a reliable way to assess it.

So to ensure Agingo's trust based ranking would be protected from manipulation, we created a new modular blockchain protocol from-scratch called Not-Only-One-Blockchain or NOOB for short. NOOB is designed to create a fair and quantitative assessment of trustworthiness so its more profitable to be trustworthy rather than companies paying to manipulate search results in their favor.

We believe that individuals should control their own unique trustworthiness score and not countries or for-profit companies. In the future, your unique trustworthiness score will help you get faster access to a whole new world of information and services delivered over a secure blockchain network.